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Global firm TryHackMe launches unique hands-on Red Teaming security training

Global cyber security platform TryHackMe has launched unique training that allows users to emulate a potential adversary attack.
The London-based company bases its new ‘Red Teaming’ interactive lessons on real-world scenarios, to help businesses expose vulnerabilities across their networks and systems.
Its gamified sessions are aimed at individuals who want to achieve high-level jobs in the security industry, alongside businesses looking to upskill their staff.

The ‘Red Teaming Pathway’, launched as part of TryHackMe’s Red Team Month, is designed to get employees to think like a cyber attacker in a bid to expose flaws in their company, which ultimately allows them to mitigate risk.

Over 48 hours of hands-on training and assessments, those taking part learn how to challenge defence capability by imitating a cyber criminal’s actions, emulate malicious attacks, retain access and avoid detection.

Co-founder of TryHackMe, Ashu Savani, said: “We’re incredibly excited to be rolling out a stream of more technical training for aspiring red teamers to learn the core technical skills required to do this kind of work! We’re honing in on offensive security training with our new Red Teaming pathway created by our team of experts.”

Those who complete the pathway will have the advanced skills needed to pursue new career opportunities in offensive security.
The cloud-based training also seeks to address a skills shortage in the industry.

TryHackMe has also released new resources, including interviews and details about the salaries people can expect when they join the industry.
Savani added: “This training is perfect for all businesses, and is particularly adopted by those most vulnerable to cyber threats. There is a strong pattern in rising threats to companies within financial, tech, medical and Saas industries. Every business is at risk of security breaches and can pose as a target to hackers, so it’s vital to mitigate human error with a training focus across the company. Learning to think like a hacker with Red Teaming training helps to understand loopholes and vulnerabilities, patch them, and mitigate risk.”

TryHackMe goes way beyond textbooks and focuses on fun interactive lessons that put theory into practice. Training labs are gamified and feature virtual machines, so users remain engaged and can learn the exact tools, technologies, and methods to hack and defend machines; transferable to real-world job roles and responsibilities.
Businesses can sign up to take part in the new pathway here: and those who complete it also earn tickets for the chance to win $21,000 worth of prizes.

Over one million people across the world have already enrolled with the company.
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