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The IT Repair Industry Is Growing – Here’s Why

Electronic devices are an inextricable part of our everyday lives. Our phones, tablets, and PCs accompany us every waking moment.

So far, though, most of us have treated our IT equipment as throwaway items.

Unlike many of our other appliances – think cars, fridges, even dishwashers – we rarely think about getting broken phones or laptops repaired.

However, this is changing. At the moment, there is an increasing trend toward IT repairs. Here’s why.

The Economy is Looking Down

To start with, many people are worried about their economic position. With the aftermath of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, we’re facing slowing growth and high rates of inflation.

Consequently, many people are looking at cheaper options than replacing devices as soon as something minor breaks. Loosely, the IT repair market can be considered to be anti-cyclical.

PC Upgrade Cycles Are Slowing

Another reason why people are now thinking twice before going for new devices is that the PC upgrade cycle is slowing down.

In 2016, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich noted that the interval has expanded from three to five years.

Most average PC users don’t need the latest hardware in their daily lives – from using office software to browsing the internet. Their current machines do the trick for that just fine, without major updates.

Repair Information Is More Easily Available

One of the biggest challenges that anyone wanting to have their electronic devices repaired has faced so far was a lack of information. Most manufacturers – from Apple to HP – never released instructions on how to replace simple parts.

In fact, many tech companies made it as difficult as possible to make repairs, by adding specialty screws and glued-in parts.

Now, vast amounts of information and tons of work-arounds are available online. People are sharing hacks on public forums and YouTube.

And even the manufacturers are coming around.  For instance, Apple announced a new self-repair service in late 2021.

People Want to Help the Environment

Finally, one major reason why the IT repair industry is growing are environmental concerns.

In the face of climate change and resulting disasters, many people are realising that it’s crucial to live more sustainably. This includes, repairing, reusing, and recycling devices.

From the point of view of the environment, repairing rather than replacing devices comes with massive benefits. No new resources are used – from rare metals to the energy needed for manufacturing new devices.

Outlook and Ongoing Challenges

While the IT repair industry is seeing significant growth, some challenges still remain. Many manufacturers are still reluctant to provide information and spare parts.

However, the culture shift towards a repair-oriented IT industry is ongoing – and inevitable.

Most industry players already see this reflected in their number of customers. IT repairs specialist Tekeurope, for instance, observed:  “We have seen an increased demand for repairs amongst our customers due to the lack of availability of new products post COVID-19, the cost savings offered and the desire to lessen their environmental impact.”