Cloud gaming platform Nware available now on Android TV with freedom to play over 20,000 titles on the big screen

Cloud gaming platform Nware announced it is now available to download and play games via Android TV, opening up the world of gaming for all the family right from the sofa. Users with an Android TV or an Android TV Stick to plug into their TVs will be able to enjoy their own video games without a gaming console, downloading, storage issues or the need to connect additional devices.
Android TV users can join the Nware platform and access over 20,000 titles by syncing their game libraries with top titles including Call of Duty, Mortal Kombat 11, Doom Eternal, Rocket League, and God of War. Gamers also get to play free-to-play blockbuster hits including PUBG: Battleground, Apex Legends, and Destiny 2 all from their living room.
Users can access the Google Play app store on Android TV and download thousands of apps designed specifically for Android TV, now including Nware. This means family and friends can play video games together and connect any controllers from different platforms including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and more via Bluetooth on their Smart TVs. In addition, thanks to Nware’s feature to play on Local Multiplayer mode during the streaming sessions, gamers can play with their friends in the same room, thanks to the ability to sync up to four controllers.
The Nware platform has been designed for users to play their games on a variety of devices including Windows PCs, Android smartphones, tablets and now on TV, without the need for expensive dedicated hardware. Users play on their chosen device, save their games and carry on from the same place on another device, such as the TV, if they want to move the experience to a larger screen or to play with friends. With the Nware launchers feature, user’s game libraries from Steam, Epic Games, Ubisoft, Roblox and Minecraft, include everything from blockbusters to indie gems for everyone to enjoy.
The platform offers two subscription plans, the Base Plan available for €8.99 which allows users access to synced games through thumbnails and Steam catalogue as well as the ability to save progress, and the Premium Plan for €10.99 (€99.99 annually) giving access to synched games as well as the Launchers feature (currently Steam, Epic Games, Ubisoft, Roblox & Minecraft) on a remote virtual gaming machine and using the storage space to freely install and play games. Users start with 100 GB of storage space in the cloud and unlock more gigabytes every month with Loyalty Rewards.
Daniel Olmedo, co-founder & CEO of Nware, said “Our mission is to break down the barriers to gaming and offer the ultimate freedom to play games anytime, anywhere. We’re very excited to expand our platform to Android TV, providing a more immersive gaming experience and allowing gamers more ways to play the games they want on any device they choose, without any hardware limitations. With Nware for Android TV, users can connect any gaming controllers they already own and play with their friends on their big screen TVs. We’re looking forward to offering as many ways to play as possible with Nware coming to browsers very soon.” 

Nware has also partnered with Kinguin, one of the largest eCommerce marketplaces for verified video games, software and licenses and other digital assets, to bring gift cards to new and existing users of the platform. Offering an alternative way to access the platform, people can buy friends and family a Nware gift card with a unique code. New users can sign up with the gift card code and bypass the waiting list to play straight away whilst current users can top up their Nware wallet and redeem their funds for a subscription plan. These gift cards not only provide a shortcut to access the Nware platform without waiting in line, but also offer an affordable way to experience the power of cloud gaming. Nware gift cards are available now and can be bought from the official Kinguin website.

With this new release on Android TV and the partnership with Kinguin, Nware is set to revolutionise the gaming industry by making cloud gaming accessible to a wider audience looking to play video games.

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