The Ultra-Slim Galaxy S23 Case from PITAKA Has MagSafe

One of the big differences between the iPhone and the Galaxy series over these years is that the iPhone has MagSafe, which makes using your phone much more convenient. Fortunately, you can use a MagSafe case if you intend to buy the Galaxy S23 to get the advantage of the magnetic world. PITAKA launched their Galaxy S23 Case with MagSafe on February 1, 2023. And it’s the thinnest and lightest MagSafe case for Galaxy S23.

Thin as 0.95mm, with a maximum weight of 22.5g, the MagEZ Case 3 for Galaxy S23 is ultra thin and lightweight, maintaining the slim silhouette of the beautiful S23 while protecting it from wear and tear. More importantly, it features strong MagSafe magnets, allowing you to snap your S23 to MagSafe-enabled wallets, car mounts, wireless chargers, etc. And the case is compatible with PITAKA’s PitaFlow for Phones, a magnetic product system to make phone use easier everywhere.

It’s the thinnest and lightest Galaxy S23 case with MagSafe. On one hand, they use a distinct material, aramid fiber. Extremely lightweight yet durable, the material is widely used in the aerospace industry. PITAKA, among one of the earliest, started to make aramid fiber phone cases seven years ago. On the other hand, PITAKA has developed the MagSafe SlimBoard technique last year to embed MagSafe magnets while keeping the case as slim as possible.

The slim case not only lets you appreciate the original beauty of Galaxy S23 but also offers an exceptional grip for all-day comfort. In addition, through PITAKA’s proprietary vacuum forming process and multiple painting and polishing, they are able to maintain the unique texture of the material, giving an unparalleled feel that phone cases made of other materials can’t.

Also, the thin Galaxy S23 case is crafted with a minimalist design. With precise cutouts, the case fits seamlessly with your device and gives you access to the charging port, buttons, and the S pen. It also features a raised camera ring, so you don’t need to worry about the rear lens when you lay your phone on the table.

Last but not least, it comes in three colors. The black/grey twill has a carbon fiber look that’s classy and understated luxurious. The two unique designs using PITAKA’s Fusion Weaving technique, overture and rhapsody, have this vibrant color mix along the black and grey twill, creating a never-before-seen pattern. And all those three pieces easily spice up your everyday life. 

The MagEZ Case 3 for Galaxy S23 series is available on the PITAKA Amazon website now. Grab it now so you can put it on your beautiful new phone when it’s delivered.

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