Material Expert PITAKA Turns Seven

PITAKA is a brand of scientific and technological accessories rooted in and serving the modern lifestyle. Using premium materials sets PITAKA apart from others and is an essential part of its design. They selected high-performance, innovative composite materials, such as aramid and carbon fiber, which are widely used in aviation.

Aramid Fiber

Aramid fiber is an aerospace-grade composite five times stronger than steel but five times lighter. It’s highly durable and scratch-resistant, ideal for making things that we use daily.

Phone Cases

PITAKA started to make aramid fiber phone cases seven years ago. The MagEZ Case series is lightweight and thin with exceptional grip and this classic carbon fiber look. In addition, it’s embedded with magnets, so the case lets you magnetically attach your phone to wireless chargers for stable charging and other accessories for easy carrying. 

This year, PITAKA upgraded the MagEZ Case to the third generation MagEZ Case 3 for iPhone 14 series, which is the lightest and thinnest iPhone 14 case with MagSafe compatibility.

iPad Cases

PITAKA also produced aramid fiber (combined with PC) iPad cases two years ago. Back then, the MagEZ Case for iPad Pro was one of few cases compatible with the Apple Magic Keyboard.

PITAKA’s iPad case is also magnetic, which allows you to attach the tablet to the Magic Keyboard and their iPad stand.

This year, PITAKA released the MagEZ Case Pro for iPad Pro 2022/2021, an ultra-slim case that lets you to wirelessly charge the iPad when using with their charging stand.

Apple Watch Cases

The Air Case for Apple Watch is a protective and style aramid fiber case. It’s lightweight yet durable, protecting your iWatch from daily scratches. And it’s precision-cut for easy access to buttons.

PITAKA offers aramid fiber cases for any Apple Watch model, including the Apple Watch Ultra and Series 8.

AirPods Cases

PITAKA has been making AirPods cases using aramid fiber for years. The MagEZ Case for AirPods Pro is a MagSafe-compatible protective case. It’s crafted from rare 600D aramid fiber that features a finer twill with an enhanced grip.

The AirPods case comes in various colors, including the unique Fusion Weaving colors, Rhapsody and Movement.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is another lightweight yet durable material. It’s extremely strong in tension and compression and is by far the stiffest fibers.

Carbon Fiber Watch Band

PITAKA launched the world’s first Apple Watch band that’s made of 100% carbon fiber links.

Crafted from fine-weave 1K carbon fiber, the watch strap is unique and extremely durable. Meanwhile, it’s lightweight and comfortable to wear all day. The patented magnetic strap lets you effortlessly install or remove the watch band. Also, the watch band bracelet length is adjustable to fit any wrist.

The carbon fiber watch band comes in two different styles, modern and retro. And it’s compatible with all Apple Watch models, including the Apple Watch Ultra and Series 8.

FlipBook Case for iPad with Magic Keyboard

The FlipBook Case is a minimalist bag that let you easily carry your iPad Pro, Magic Keyboard, and some small EDC. It’s made of premium leather and OmniFlex carbon fiber from Carbitex.

Stick your Magic Keyboard to the FlipBook Case and snap your iPad Pro on it. Your devices and the bag will work as one piece. When you open the bag, the Magic Keyboard opens, so you can get to work immediately. When you snap shut the bag, everything folds and closes. Don’t waste time zipping, packing, etc. The bag works as a mini station anywhere you go.

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