Online Yard Sale: The Where and the How Of It All

Do you have a lot of stuff at home that you want to give away? Do you feel like you need to clear the clutter that is taking up all the space in your home? Are you thinking of having an online yard sale, but have no idea where to go?

Worry not, we’ve got you there! We are sharing the best online platforms you can sign up to so that you can post your yard sale items online and sell them. If you just want to give away the stuff for free, that’s covered too!

However, to use these online platforms, you need an internet connection.  A reliable internet connection from internet service providers like Xfinity ensures that you have secure communication, a good connection, and seamless connectivity while you are carrying out the online yard sale! What’s even better about this service is that you can dial the Xfinity customer service phone number to have your internet queries resolved as well!

Moving on, read on to find out how you can start giving your stuff away online.

Where to Organize Online Yard Sale

There are plenty of online platforms that help you sell or give away your stuff online, whether it’s just one item or a yard sale format. You can also use these platforms to buy something cheap for yourself.

Here are some of the online platforms you can check for yard sales:


The most interesting thing about this platform is that it was started by a mom who was on maternity leaves and wanted to improve online garage sales so that users can have better online experiences.

VarageSale is strictly reserved for users from the US and Canada. It’s free to use and you won’t have to pay a dime to sell on this platform. When you post an item and someone wants to buy it, they’ll just send you a notification to place this item on reserve.

You can access user profiles to learn about the person whom you are communicating with on VarageSale.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook users may have come across advertisements for items that are being sold on Facebook Marketplace. It is a free section where you can sell or buy items, including cars and real estate.

On Facebook Marketplace, you have the option to sell locally or internationally. However, if a person buys an item from you (as a business) through this platform, Facebook will deduct a selling fee from you. For non-business users, there are no selling fees.

It is one of the largest online yard sales, having 3 billion active users worldwide.

Buy Nothing

This platform is a great option if you just want to give something away for free. You can also get some stuff for free.

However, the Buy Nothing groups are only reserved for people from concentrated and geographical regions. If you live in a big city, the Buy Nothing community may only be limited to specific neighborhoods only.

If you don’t belong to that neighborhood, you may not be able to use this platform. However, if you do become eligible for the Buy Nothing community, you can take advantage of the reduction, reuse, and recycling of all sorts of items.

How to Safely Carry Out Yard Sales

No matter what online platform you are using to carry out a yard sale, its important for you to keep the following tips in mind to keep yourself safe on the internet:

Double-Check Your Photos

When you are taking photos of the items you want to give away, ask yourself this question: is there anything in the photo that will give away your identity?

Since a lot of people will be able to access your yard sale online, you don’t want to risk jeopardizing your identity. Hence, make sure to take photos of the items in your garage or with any background that doesn’t give away much about your identity.

Do Not Disclose Personal Information

The moment you post the photos on the internet, it is available for everyone on the internet to see. That’s why you need to make sure that you are not giving more information than you need to.

Most of the online platforms have a built-in messaging feature where the interested buyer can reach out to you. This protects your anonymity.

Don’t give out your full name, phone number, home, or email address to anyone.

Meet in Public Place

If you have already found a buyer, and that too a local one, we recommend that you try the old-fashioned approach of meeting them in person. That way while they inspect your items, you can also learn about the buyers as well i.e. find out that they’re not a scammer.

Make sure to meet in a public place, where there are other people as well, or even cameras around. Don’t let the other party know where you live. The goal here is to always keep your personal information safe from being compromised.

Use a Secure Payment Method

If you are meeting the buyer in person, and the item isn’t too expensive, we recommend using cash. But if it’s a large sum of money, then you may want to use secure online payment platforms like PayPal or Venmo. A cashier’s check would work too.

If you are going to use methods other than cash, do your research to find out if it’s secure. Do not accept or pay someone in gift cards; it’s too hard to track and it’s an easy way to get scammed.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the best online yard sales platform will help you to sell your items smoothly. Just make sure that these platforms have protection policies in place to protect yourself from any scams.

Also, keep the above-mentioned tips to keep yourself safe.