Decorating your gadgets

The desire is not always done when you buy gadgets of your choice like the phone, laptop, gaming device, etc. You make choices for these devices based on the features they have which meet your needs. Most times you go further to also want to enjoy an outer aesthetic look.

It is likely that you are not satisfied with the default look of your device and you desire to transform the appearance.  For a mobile phone, in this sense, covers or cases are accessories with a multitude of designs and possibilities.

In the case of a tablet or laptop, something similar will happen. You will want it to attract attention and have some motif or theme that you like or inspire. A case can suit you very well, but maybe you don’t like it too much because it adds more thickness and volume to the device. If you don’t want protection and the only thing that interests you in this case is aesthetics, then the best options are custom stickers made by you

I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of people who have put these stickers on their Mac or iPad giving their Apple devices a very fun, sophisticated or bold touch. The truth is that there are thousands of interesting and very creative designs that will make your equipment not go unnoticed.

Few reasons why you should customize the appearance of your laptop or tablet

A greater degree of customization is offered. With custom stickers, you can modify an existing design to fit your taste and personality, maybe add your own text  and even go as far as adding your own image. 

The option that would present greater freedom for users is the create your own personalized vinyl sticker option. In this case, it is the clients themselves who make their own designs and the platforms print them and send them according to their instructions.

Knowing all this, you might wonder why you should customize the appearance of your laptop or tablet. These are the main advantages of doing so:


As we said, when customizing a device it stops being a ‘cold’ piece of technology and becomes something more yours. When you give it some form or drawing it surely reflects some aspect of your personality and even acquires a certain sentimental value.

Putting a vinyl or sticker on the gadget is also a way to express your tastes, values, hobbies, concerns, feelings, ideologies, values, etc.


With exterior customization, no two iPads or two Macs will ever be the same. Your device will be unique and different from the others.


By including some vinyl or sticker on your equipment, you are also marking and protecting it in a certain way. You and other people will be able to recognize easily and at a glance that it is your computer or tablet.

So, if someone tries to steal it to appropriate it, it won’t be so easy. Anyone can see that it is a computer or tablet.


If what you want is to draw attention and not pass unnoticed/where you go, this is one of the best options. Be original and look for eye-catching colors or designs for the vinyl of your laptop or tablet and I’m sure everyone will notice you.

Every one of these stickers are also available in stunning wall stickers if you desire to decorate your wall in a personalized way. There is no limit to what surface they can be applied on so long as the surface is smooth. They are easy to apply and removable.