The 4 Gadgets You Should Be Using in 2022

The world of consumer gadgets has really changed over the past decade. Not long ago, you practically needed to have a computer science degree in order to get anything out of a gadget. The user interface of a typical electronic device such as a camera or GPS receiver often made little sense until you’d finished reading a thick user manual – and even reading the manual often didn’t help much. Learning how to use the device was just the beginning; things only got worse if you tried to connect it to your computer.

Today, smartphones and mobile apps have revolutionized the gadget world. There’s no need to worry about device drivers and complicated interfaces because virtually every consumer gadget on the market is designed to work with smartphones. Meanwhile, smartphones have revolutionized user interfaces in general; it’s now perfectly normal to expect an interface to be simple and self-explanatory. It’s never been easier or more fun to be a gadget fan – even if you’re not a techie.

Are you interested in grabbing a new gadget that uses modern technology to improve your life in some way? These are just a few of the best gadgets that you can buy in 2022.

Wearable Health Tracker

The wearable health tracker trend began with the introduction of the first Fitbit devices several years ago, and it’s since expanded to include a huge variety of wearable devices ranging from bracelets and watches to rings. The Apple Watch might be the best-known wearable health tracker these days, since it’s essentially taken over the high-end watch market and can double as an extension for your smartphone. Regardless of which device you use, though, wearable health trackers can do so much that just about everyone ought to consider buying one.

So, what can you expect a health tracker to do? It varies by model, but here are just a few of the more common features.

  • It can help you meet your fitness goals by using a pedometer and heart rate monitor to track your daily activity levels.
  • It can track your temperature and blood oxygen levels. If you’re ill, it can let you know if you should consider seeking medical help.
  • It can track your heart rhythm and let you know if you appear to be experiencing a medical emergency. It can also record an ECG and, with your permission, transmit it to your doctor.
  • It can monitor your sleep quality and alert you if you appear to be stirring or waking up frequently during the night.

Vaping Device

If you’ve a smoker, you’re almost certainly aware of vaping. Perhaps you haven’t tried it because you’ve already attempted to quit with traditional nicotine replacement products and failed to do so, or maybe you tried a first-generation vaping device several years ago and weren’t happy with it. At this point, though, vaping has been around for more than a decade and has really hit its stride. Pod systems and other modern vaping devices from companies like V2 Cigs UK are dramatically more enjoyable, more reliable and more satisfying than the devices of the past. In short, there’s really no excuse for continuing to be a smoker in 2022.

In case you aren’t familiar with vaping, here’s how it works. A vaping device – also known as an e-cigarette – is an electronic device filled with nicotine-infused liquid. The device vaporizes the liquid with a heating coil, and you absorb the nicotine through your lungs when you inhale the vapor. Vaping has helped millions of people quit smoking because it’s enjoyable and satisfying in ways that traditional nicotine replacement products can’t match.

Mini Game Console

If you’ve spent any time shopping around for a new game console, you know that the prices for current-generation systems are downright unfair. The newest PlayStation and Xbox consoles have been on the market for nearly two years now, and it’s still virtually impossible to find them anywhere near their suggested retail prices thanks to rampant scalping. If you’re a person who refuses to enrich a scalper in order to play some games, you should consider exploring some of the best games of the past while you wait for prices to come down.

Beginning with the release of the incredibly popular NES Classic Edition by Nintendo in 2016, seemingly every classic computer or video game console has been released in miniature form. Although Nintendo’s miniature consoles are now out of production, you can still find tiny versions of popular gaming systems ranging from the Sega Genesis and the original Sony PlayStation to classic computers such as the ZX Spectrum and the Amiga A500. The systems are often quite affordable, and they come pre-loaded with extensive game libraries. All that you need to do is connect the system to your TV and start playing. If you don’t mind outdated graphics, you’ll find it quite refreshing to play a game that doesn’t come with an always-online requirement and a steady stream of advertisements for loot boxes and other microtransactions.

Sound Bar

If you’re already doing something to spice up your living room gaming experience, why not take the opportunity to upgrade your audio as well? Today’s large-screen TVs employ a variety of tricks to deliver sound that’s rich and crisp, but there’s still a limit to the maximum possible audio quality of a device that’s designed to rest flat against your wall. Sound, after all, needs room in which to develop. Unfortunately, many people run into space concerns when they begin to think about upgrading their living rooms with surround-sound systems. You may not want a bunch of wires on your living room floor – and the thought of drilling holes into your wall might sound equally unappealing.

If you want to upgrade the audio in your living room without spending a lot of money or drilling holes, consider buying a sound bar. A sound bar is a horizontal speaker array that’s designed to go under your TV. Since the speakers in a sound bar are much larger than those in your TV, it’ll produce clearer sound and can even simulate a surround system. Some sound bars can also integrate with subwoofers to produce even deeper bass frequencies.