Technics Limited Edition SL1200M7L Coloured Turntables Set to Debut at djkit

Decks Designed for Colourful Custom Rigs to Start Shipping Imminently

Technics’ long-awaited Limited Edition SL1200M7L Coloured Turntables are finally set to touch down in the UK, with djkit guaranteeing the lowest UK price on all options spanning the collection. Designed for DJs who understand the importance of adding visual appeal to their setup, the new SL1200M7L Coloured Turntables will be available in seven eye-catching colours for a limited time only.

The perfect complement to a colourful DJ setup, the new SL1200M7L Coloured Turntables from Technics will be available from just £899. Check out the full product specifications via the URL below, and for more information on placing pre-orders for this coveted piece of kit from Technics:

Technics Limited Edition SL1200M7L Coloured Turntables – £899

“The direct drive system uses a slow-turning motor to directly drive the platter. This system has various advantages. It offers high performance, such as rotation accuracy and powerful torque, does not require replacement of parts and maintains high reliability over a long period of time. The removal of the core (iron core) from the stator eliminated the root cause of cogging. Furthermore, the magnetic force of the rotor magnets was improved to the highest possible level, and the gap between the coreless stator and rotor magnets was optimised, thus achieving high-torque-performance equalling that of the SL-1200M7L. Boasting smooth rotation and powerful torque, this motor reproduces sound accurately and faithfully from the groove on an analogue record.”-Technics

Form and function brought together in perfect harmony, the new SL1200M7L Coloured Turntables from Technics are a masterclass in cutting-edge technology.  Introduced to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic SL1200, the new limited edition range will be available in seven eye-catching colours – black, white, red, blue, beige, yellow and green.

Set to begin shipping in July, each SL-1200M7L features a limited edition Technics sticker, a slipmat featuring a gold Technics logo and a control vinyl sticker in the same colour as the turntable. Each deck also features a unique golden tonearm, along with a special badge inscribed with the serial number.

Initial stocks of the new SL1200M7L Coloured Turntables are expected to be wiped out fast, and each colour is available in strictly limited numbers. View more product info:

Equinox Contour DJ Screen – From £72

“Discreetly conceal equipment and create a professional look to your setup with the Equinox Contour DJ Screen. Easy to transport, these portable screens assemble in a matter of minutes. The double sided stretch Lycra covers are easily removable for transportation and cleaning and can be interchanged with a number of other Lycra designs sold separately. Set-up and breakdown is fast and simple with the screen sections fastening together with spring button.” – Equinox

For an even more eye-catching setup, djkit is also now shipping the hugely versatile Equinox Contour DJ Screen. With options available starting from just £72, this lightweight and portable screen system makes it quick and easy to transform the visual appeal of your on-stage setup at an affordable price.

The ideal complement to a colourful and creative rig, the full Equinox Contour DJ Screen collection is now available at djkit via the following link:

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