To water or not to water? That is the question

Mayhem UK, a small London design company has come up with the solution to the age old dilemma which weighs over every house plant owner who is terrified of killing their house plants with either too little or too much watering.
The answer is an ingenious device which works as a simple traffic light system. Just pop the moisture sensor into the soil and it features a flower which flashes red when your houseplant needs watering and green when it is OK. It looks good and avoids stress for you and your plants.

Overwatering is the number one killer of house plants. Forget underwatering or cold draughts or lack of sunlight. Overwatering and waterlogged roots cause bacterial asphyxiation which is killing millions of house plants every year. Symptoms of overwatering and underwatering can be almost identical. The problem is exacerbated when worried plant owners see their plants wilting and pour on more water and effectively snuff out their beloved leafy friends.

Experts such as Monty Don and Jonathan Wong have been warning us about the danger of overwatering plants for some time. But is does not seen to have got though to the general public.

So what can you do to avoid this?

The solution is to use this moisture sensor. It is designed to look like a rose or a lotus flower, sits comfortably in your plant pot and detects the moisture level at root level. This is important because the soil maybe dry at the surface but waterlogged at root level. The sensor will flash red when the plant needs watering.  It flashes green to reassure you when the plant has sufficient moisture and only switches to red when it detects there is a water need. This simple traffic light system is virtually fool proof.

We hope this can put an end to misery of losing favourite plants and the premature demise of our beloved flowery companions.
Current stockists:  Robert Dyas, Gift Universe, Milestone Garden Centre, Meadow Grange Nursery, Palmers Garden Centre, Bernaville Garden Centre, House of Marble.

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